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Athletic Training Services  
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Athletic Training Staff 

Providing Athletic Training Services to Winger Athletics for 22 years. 
Kathy Sheehan
Leah Plass
Paul Irwin
Kathy Sheehan 651-267-5461
Leah Plaas 651-267-5461
Paul Irwin 651-267-5463


Fall Athletic Training Room Hours: 2:15 - 5:15

A Certified Athletic Trainer is available in the Athletic Training Room to provide injury evaluation,
treatment, and rehabilitation from 2:15 - 5:15 on all student days.  

Athletes with the last hour of the school day open are encouraged to come to the Athletic Training
 room at 2:15 - 2:45, before school lets out.

If you have injury questions or concerns please call us at 267-5461.

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Concussion Information:

What is Cogstate?

Cogstate provides rapid and reliable computerized cognitive assessment to detect even subtle change
that could signify s change in cognitive function following concussion.  Based on a simple card game,
Cogstate’s computerized tests are highly sensitive in concussion.

In the preseason, each athlete is given a baseline test. And, when a concussion is suspected, during the
season, a followup test is administered to see if the results have changed from the baseline. This
comparison helps to diagnose and manage the concussion. Follow-up tests can be administered over
days or weeks so clinicians can continue to track the athlete’s recovery from the injury.   Baseline tests
are suggested every two years.

Concussion Fact sheet for Coaches  |  Fact Sheet for Athletes  |  Fact sheet for Parents